Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mystery Package in the Mail: Luigi DiFonzo

It does not stop. I got yet another mystery package in the mail from someone. This time it was "re: Luigi DiFonzo," Count Dante's accomplice in the Purolator robbery. There is a question about them having scammed some of the Outfit guys, making it look like they were saving DiFonzo from the Count so he would appear as a dupe. DiFonzo went on to write a book about the robbery called "Bucks." The book was hard to read.

His next book, St. Peter's Banker, that sports this photo on the jacket cover, was a better read, very detailed and a joy to explore.

I got this picture and a stack of paperwork related to Purolator, his book on the Vatican banker, his screenwriting course he taught at Harvard and his eventual demise as Count Luigi DiFonzo in 2000.

DiFonzo was able to stay in Chicago after the court case ended with his aquittal and Dante's death. By 1980, he was was back in court and eventually sent to jail for 18 months for securities fraud. I guess his time in stir gave him an opportunity to work on his writing. He even got into a fight with some Chicago policemen in Chinatown over blocking traffic.

More on him after I got over this stuff and do some background research. No return address, postmarked from Santa Monica, CA.


Kung Fu Pimp said...

Vewy intewesting...

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

Hey, Floyd if you need to pull this party over; just to collect your thoughts & possibly get some help I have a friend who is a psychiatrist.

If not, I'm going to tell him to move to Fall River where all the crazy people are. That's where you can make the "big bucks"!

I wonder how they are coming with those "frickin' laser beams" .. I hope their case has more truth that some "war stories" I've heard wannabe GI's tell.

Real GI's have actually earned the right to be offended by those lies and can also check that stuff out.(The VA, American Legion, VFW, friends, personal experience, just to name a few). I love these guys who claim to be special ops but have no clue about "the pipeline" that all operators go through.

I don't know why I thought of that. Maybe I just hate liars? I don't know.

Anyway, if you need to decompress from all this hocus pocus I can tell my buddy. But let me know soon!

He might open a "mini me" specific practice and charge ONE BBBIIILLLIIIOOONN DOLLARS, per visit of course!

Har Har, Har Dee, Har Har!