Friday, February 08, 2008

Resolving mythology with Realities

Since receiving the DiFonzo package I have been able to contact individuals pertinent to the Purolator case. This robbery is literally the beginning of the Dante's end. This individual has knowledge from being involved in the case.

I know what people claim, I am looking for what I can prove. What do I want to prove, is merely that Dante clearly had a hand in the crime, that this bad decision is the thing that eventually led to his demise, whether by poison or the stress of trauma from bleeding ulcers.

It is ironic that DiFonzo made more money from the reward and being an informant that he would have made for laundering the money for the Outfit guys.

The inside man, Ralph Ronald Marrera, who was the lone guard on duty the night of Oct. 20, 1974, when the money, in small bills, disappeared from the money warehouse of Purolator Security, got $650.000 from Cook County for medical malpractice. There were several attempts to poison him and claims of his making suicide attempts. Marrera stood by as the reportedly, $4.3 million, 1000 lbs of stolen money, was loaded into a van and driven off. At that time it was largest cash theft in U.S. history.

This is all too much for me to go into in the film. It runs far afield of who Dante was. What matters is Dante may have participated or facilitated this event. It is a fact he was called before the Grand Jury investigating his knowledge of the case. A family member has told me his death came a few days before he was to return to the Grand Jury.

There is a peanut gallery out there in the blogosphere who will never get what I am doing. This is not necessarily about perpetuating mythologies, it is about debunking them and putting a throughly human face onto a slippery mythic character. It is about the times and his impact upon it, so much that he still invokes such praise and ire, in equal quantities.

There is a bigger story here. That is what I am looking for.


Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

I don't believe you. Mini-me says he knows the real story. Also the real story can be yours, for the low low price of one BBBIIILLLLIIIIOOONNNN dollars.

I hate to say it Floyd, but when I think of "Honesty and Integrity" all I can say is "Fall River is its nexus". They represent all that is noble an honorable about the martial arts. They would never do things like "sentimentally miss the days as a Marine in an Army unit at a non-existent Air (Force) Base."

Hey blog man, it's Osan AB! Not only that, you misspelled the old name for it. I'll believe you were actually there when you can ANY of the following,

1. Give directions to the Golden Gate Club or name a club nearby it
2. tell me about the curfew
3. explain what an "ammo bowl" is.
4. the customs and costs associated with the women employed by a bar (they're not hookers)

Some of us have actually been there and don't need to lie. Save #1 if you have spent any time in anywhere Korea as a GI at all you could still answer 2,3 & 4.

To the readers, it would take 10 years for the light of the truth about Dante to reach Fall River. Whatever truth was there is now all clouded by malted hops and bong resin. Yet this arcane knowledge is closely guarded by the most elite of con-artists.

This being said, it forces me to ask this question ..

How are you ladies coming with those frickin' laser beams?

Har Har, Har Dee, Har Har!

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

This is just for you mini-me, (Creeden).

"1 In Songtan that one, or the one outside of Camp Hovey. The one in Sontang theirs The Young Chon and the UN. " Um yeah like, uh, that one ..

How is that similar to "walk out the main gate (of Osan AB)grab a cab to "X" and it's on the right". I have NO friggin' clue what you're talking about here.

"2. The Curfew { which is the terrorist curfew} terrorist only attack at night bewtween 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Ya learn that the day you get their . DDDUUUUHHHH"

Wrong again. It's because Korea is still technically at a state of war. Did you take history class?

"3. "THE AMMO BOWL " the softball games come one man you gotta do better than that."
This is my favorite!!!!

Wrong again genius! It's a drink involving SouJou, Champagne & fruit punch. Poured in a BOWL with ice and served to a table with straws.

4."4 A "THE JUICY GIRL" Yes I'm guilty like every other person their.Most of the bars here in Korea have what are called Juicy Girls. In some clubs they just sit with you or play pool with you;"

Nice paraphrasing of Wikipedia.
But GI's never call them "Juicy Girls". We called them "Flips" I guess you missed this from Wikipedia "The women are typically from .. especially the Philippines." Though I do concede that in Korea most of them would have been Korean.

So 3 bold faced lies and one 1/2 truth. What else are you lying about? I'd say based on these numbers over 75% of it!

Not only that, you weren't even bright enough to ignore my questions. I baited you, and you very characteristically fell for it. Not only have you proved beyond doubt to be a liar, you're not even the sharpest crayon in the box.

I invite anybody especially GI s to read this post. This is Fall River at its finest. And with this level of fictitious BS. They have the GALL to call Ashida Kim a liar? I guess it takes one to know one.

So who is wearing the dress now mini-me?

You're going to lose big in court. You had to mouth of in public so the you can share your brilliance with the world. Yet you got busted in the end. Now you're going to go broke.

I hope you have more than laser beams now. You're going to be destroyed in court, then the real pain starts, the counter suit. I hope your lawyer does bankruptcy too!

Har Har, Har Dee, Har Har!

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

Oh and I got my military education from the school of "I was really there".

Didn't want to leave you wondering princess.

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

This fact that you are a liar isn't over.
If you have any honor as a man you really only have two choices.
1. In the open forum (that you see as your pulpit) admit this fact, you are a liar. And a poor one that got busted.

2. Prove it. Since you like posting images so much post a copy of your orders to Korea.

All GIs have tons of copies for in & out processing purposes. So don't say, "my dog ate them." No photo shop other than blocking out your "home of record" & SSN.

Stop being a coward and attacking Floyd at a personal level. Talking about his family which has nothing to do this.

Simply, it's the fact that you are mouthing off for your girlfriend(s). You ladies saw fit to sue him not his kids.

I've been showing you a degree of class by not pointing out things like, "Your fucked I was trying to sleep after being up for 44 hours straight and someone kept calling me to look at this." 44 hours?! Wow are you on the meth????

Wait I know, from Fall River's very own police log. "Police Log for Jan. 8, 2008" "William Aguiar III, 39, 17 Emerson St., charged with possession of a Class A drug."

Wait you were up for 44 hours?????? I'll let the public decide on that.

Maybe there is another William Aguiar III and maybe HE'S the guy with the Dante information.

So I really just have two issues with your mouth which never seems to close. (Like a woman I swear. Be honest do you stand to pee?)

The issues I have; is a lying punk like yourself, disgraces the military by thinking he is worthy of joining our ranks.

Secondly your opportunist attitude of trying to extort money from Floyd.

So shut me up, post a copy of your orders to Korea. If you can, I will apologize for everything negative I've said right here on this board.

Otherwise you better keep working on them friggin' laser beams! And let the man make his film!

Har Har, Har Dee, Har Har!

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

Hey Princess,
I said, "a copy of you orders" or "admit you are a liar". Not some freakin' "Where's Waldo" picture of a bunch GIs at what looks to be nothing more than a boot camp group photo.

How do I know your in that picture. Shaved heads in uniform all look the same. See, your word is no good anymore. Now your pride & honor as a man is no longer any good.

With that I will conclude this blog with my last thoughts on this. I want this series of blog entries to be a testament to the character of the "Fall River Boys".

In my opinion, one can only conclude that they, overall, are liars. Cheaters as in the extortion type lawsuit against Floyd. Dishonorable and without character by disrespecting our men & women in uniform. Finally, alleged drug users if the Fall River Police log has any truth to it.

Everything the essence of Martial Arts is not. I pray for every parent that trusted your school with their children.

I also want to make this clear. I'm smarter than you. You fell for my taunts, my challenges and my shots at your ego. Surely, a true Master knows those simple ploys. Did you think that I did not already have a preplanned response to each of them?

Now you show your lack of experience as a Martial Artist. Your head is twisted and spirit is clouded. Again, something a Master level Martial Artist is not.

As to who I am, I'm very real. I also live in Chicago, if you want to look me up feel free.

I've also been helping Floyd check facts and have been providing him information. I've been doing it for over a year too.

You see, I am very well trained. I respected my instructor and listened to him, including his John stories. Don't be surprised to see me in an interview in the movie or thanked in the credits.

Just for the record, I knew you were full of it a long time ago. When I told my Instructor that Billy's dad took over he said and I quote, "Aguilar?! You're kidding! The last I heard they were 'on the outs'". So don't paint this big love fest John had for Fall River. He was using you.

I have one more advantage in the information I provide Floyd. It is unfiltered. My Instructor (no I will not give his name I respect his privacy) is not my dad. He has no reason to with hold anything no matter how unflattering it may be.

So, I'll summarize his opinion of John; He was a brilliant martial artist. His classes were fun and you always learned something new. Also he was "cool". Overall though, his legacy is a bad one. He warped minds in his sense of fighting ethics. He was in over his head due to his inflated ego, a tradition I see you carry to this day. Finally, his occult beliefs were wrong morally.

I am not Floyd. I do not need a keyboard to be tough. This is what I meant when I said at very beginning, "I know who I am. Who are you?"

Now, I want you to think, the feeling you have right now. That's defeat. I could beat you in chess with strategy and poker with bluff (you have too many tells). Get used to this feeling, you're going to feel it again in court. Your level of proof is well, lacking.

But this isn't the worst part. Soon you'll be feeling humiliation. This will come from the counter suit. Where you have to compensate Floyd for his troubles.

You have done more to ruin yourself than I ever could. But you should feel flattered in one way, John's tradition of ruining oneself is alive and well in Fall River.

You're going to be defeated, broke and humiliated without even your pride and honor to comfort you. You should take a moment to reflect on that reality.

So I'll end this. You have made my point.

Pil-sung Floyd!
(Korean: Certain Victory)

Sincerely and respectfully,
Master Pieschala

P.S. I do thank you for the spell checker on that last blog entry.

Jeff said...

Man, this story is fascinating. Keep posting and good luck!