Friday, February 22, 2008

On Pins and Needles....meanwhile back on the film

There seems to be a lot of tension and expectation of the outcome of my little dilemma with the BDFS Copyright Infringement case. The Judge has spoken. Thee are deadlines for Feb. 29 amd we hav a conference with the judge March 6 with proposals and intentions.

Bill Aguiar is the only one with material in his possession and who has control over the material. Ownership is the question. It is all up to him regarding how this goes down right now. Anything else on the table is pure exploration

I managed to get another interview while I was in Boston. A vital part of the film is finding people who bought the book and made some use of it. Not necessarily to rip off ears, rend tear and maim. The way this is all going I am sure someone might have tried it and is sitting in a penitentiary somewhere right now.

I drove out to Berean Baptist Church in Guilderland Center, NY to see a guy by the name of Paul Anobile, the Reverenad Paul Anobile to be more accurate. Paul had written me an email sometime ago in which h ecounted to me burning the World's Deadliest Fighting Secrets on the curb after beating up his brother.

The good news is that this is not a tale of a kid brother send to the hospital with his ear missing and an eye poked out. It was one kick ot the stomach and him puking all over the carpet and Paul going to do some soul searching because he felt really bad about doing it and looked for the source of his violence.

He identified World's Deadliest Fighting Secrets as part of his desire for violence and he sat down under a street light and burned it. Paul still practices martial arts, he studies kenpo. I asked him how he ereconciles his religion with his practice of a violent skill and he gave me a very interesting answer. I am not telling, you will see it in the film. I am moving full speed ahead on the last of the interviews. More later.

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Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

Searching The Courthouse for Dante

From our buddy Dojorat, trust me an apt nick name ... He's a martial artist like many of us eagerly awaiting this movie.

His insitefull blog is;

Here's a snippit from his latest posting. I encourage others to read his stuff!

Begin quote (don't sue me DR);
"Well, you gotta' hand it to Floyd Webb; he's getting his Black Belt in multiple disciplines: Film making, Chicago martial history, and copyright litigation.
Floyd has been diligently working on his film "The Search For Count Dante", about the enigmatic and ethically challenged Karate master of 1960's Chicago. A trailer for the movie can be found at the highlighted passage above.
Dante (AKA John Keehan) captured the ideals of young martial artists across the country, by hawking his "Deadliest Fighting Secrets" booklet in the back of comic books. A picture of Dante and crew appears at the top of the Dojo Rat Blog, something I have been mildly threatened about (See "Of Dante And Dojo Rats").

In the course of filming the movie, Floyd has run into a great deal more than he anticipated. This includes elements of organized crime, military operatives, Voodoo Gurus, and charges of copyright infringement. It seems everybody wants a piece of the action ..."

Check out the site for the rest!!